Coming exhibition:
"Disguise the Limits: John Yau Collaborations" at the University of Kentucky Art Museum in January 2024

Last exhibitions:

"PALABRA VACÍO COLOR" : GLOBE BOOKS. Museo San Francisco. Santiago. Chile. April 2019

"The Imaginative French Book from the 21st century" curated by Paul Van Capelleveen.
Groslier Club. New York. From June 1rst to July 30. 2016

Coming artists'collaborations:

Sigrid SANDSTRÖM (Sweden), Cameron PLATTER (South Africa), Mithu SEN (India), Jacqueline HUMPHRIES (USA), Arturo HERRERA (Venezuela), Clo'e FLOIRAT (France), Imants TILLER (Australia)


Recent authors:
John YAU (USA), Ximena GODOY-ARCAYA (Chile), Barry SCHWABSKY (USA)